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Trout Pond

Our 1/3 acre trout pond supports a multitude of trout available for catching at price by-theĖinch fishing. No license is required for pond fishing.

For the more avid angler, the South Platte supports rainbow, cutthroat, brook and brown trout. These wily fish create a challenge to the angler. Colorado Fishing License is required for river fishing!

Picnic Area

Numerous picnic tables and a play area for the kids, will lend enjoyment to those who just want to experience the forest rather than tempt the fish!

Wander along the Platte River on our River Walk. It meanders at the edge of the river past picnic areas, camp fire chimera, log swings, a gazebo, and several quiet spots to rest or fish.

Papa Billís Bait & Resupply Shop

Papa Billís Bait & Resupply Shop is a small but handy area with fishing supplies, gifts, and stock for trail hikers.

Our resupply store is stocked with recommendations from our hostel guests to help hikers resupply. The shop carries suggestions on drinks, power foods, supplies and incidentals. We've made it as comfortably complete as possible!

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